Hardwood Floor Refinishing Nantucket MA

Rejuvenate the interior of your Nantucket home with hardwood floor refinishing. Routine services are recommended every 7-10 years for preservation. Hardwood floor refinishing allows you to change the color of the stain. Our contractors can also match the existing shades or deliver a natural finish. Flaws like discoloration, fading, or scratches can also be repaired during the service. We also offer hardwood floor restoration on Cape Cod to fix more significant damage. Full sand refinishing delivers better results than sandless but brings up a lot of dust. Our hardwood flooring contractors can complete the project manually or with advanced equipment. We recommend dustless sanding because it cuts down on time and is cleaner. Your hardwood floor refinishing project will run much smoother. No matter what you choose, our Cape Cod company guarantees impeccable results. 

floor refinishing Nantucket MA

Wood Floor Refinishing Nantucket MA

Your Nantucket residence may benefit from wood floor refinishing services. Restoration prevents you from having to undergo a full installation. Our contractors assess the condition, thickness, and type of wood. Vinyl planks and laminate flooring need to be replaced because of the materials. We can completely refinish hardwood where we apply stain and polyurethane. Our contractors can perform dustless floor sanding, making wood refinishing more effective. Your Nantucket home’s indoor air will be cleaner, and it will take us less time to finish. Floor sanding may not be possible for some engineered and softwoods. Our contractors will go over the process with you. We offer free quotes across Cape Cod and will develop a plan for your wood floor refinishing. 

Dustless Floor Sanding Nantucket MA

Floor sanding often occurs when working on hardwood and creates quite a mess. Sawdust can irritate asthma, allergy, or other health symptoms. You can keep your Nantucket residence cleaner with our dustless floor sanding services. After the completed interior renovations, you won’t have to hire professional cleaners. Our hardwood flooring contractors pick up 99% of the dust. The service makes the air safer in your Cape Cod home, and we work more efficiently. Dustless floor sanding is ideal for hardwood floor restoration, installation, repairs, or refinishing. The equipment has a suction feature that collects particles and debris. We can work more efficiently and spend less time working in your Nantucket home. Dustless wood floor sanding also produces beautiful results.

Hardwood Floor Installation Nantucket MA

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Nantucket residences that have hardwood floors feature a classic coastal look. You may be considering interior renovations and need a contractor. Our local company has an experienced team that offers hardwood floor installation services. We provide free quotes on Nantucket and Cape Cod. We can evaluate the project because sometimes refinishing and restorations are better options. Our hardwood flooring contractors also install vinyl planks and composite wood. You can decide on the style, materials, and color you want in your home. We measure the rooms and develop a plan for the hardwood floor installation. An additional service we offer is dustless sanding which makes things easier. Specialized equipment leaves your rooms cleaner and lets us work faster. Many of our Cape Cod customers prefer this newer type of wood floor sanding.  

Contractor for Hardwood Flooring Nantucket MA

You can stop searching for a contractor for hardwood flooring in Nantucket, MA. Our Cape Cod company has a qualified team that offers complete services. We provide hardwood floor restoration, refinishing, repairs, and installation. You can select the color of stain you want for your remodel. Our hardwood flooring contractors can keep the original look or create a new one. We recommend dustless sanding to avoid a mess when undergoing our services. Another clean but limited option is sandless refinishing, which includes screening and recoating. Hardwood flooring refinishing can repair scratches, discoloration, and fading from sunlight. Restoration fixes larger issues like water damage, warping, or sagging. Our contractors for hardwood flooring give free quotes to Nantucket. You can count on us year-round for any hardwood flooring services you need on Cape Cod.

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About Nantucket MA

The small island of Nantucket sits off of Cape Cod and is a popular vacation spot. Three lighthouses help see through the thick fog of the “Grey Lady.” The Whaling Museum shows the history of the once prominent industry. The isolated island inspired the book “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville. Fishermen now catch Nantucket Bay Scallops, unique to New England cuisine. Local residents highly recommend this type of seafood. Main Street is an iconic cobblestone road and listed as one of the “Great Streets in America.” Tourists and residents enjoy restaurants and boutique shopping. Nantucket also has beautiful steepled churches along the wharves. The island has a distinguished architecture of unpainted cedar roof shingles.

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