Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cape Cod MA

Most professionals recommend that homeowners refinish their hardwood floors every seven to ten years. The reason for this isn’t usually that there’s been substantial damage, but that there’s the presence of moderate wear. Hardwood floor refinishing is not always about drastically impacting the full visual appeal of the floor. Often refinishing is about maintaining the integrity of the floor and correcting minor damage. Wood floor refinishing seeks to revive the floor. There are options to consider, such as refinishing with or without sanding. But sanding and staining offer the best results. Typically a homeowner should consider discussing wood floor refinishing options when they realized that their floor had lost its luster.

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    Wood Floor Finishing Services Cape Cod

    Hardwood refinishing and wood floor repair often come hand in hand. Typically flooring contractors will involve sanding and applying new polyurethane over the old finish. There are some instances where refinishing can present the option to introduce new staining, but that would call for a much more extensive process.

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    Wood Floor Contractor Services Cape Cod

    With proper support from expert contractors, you can evaluate the complete process for wood floor refinishing. Learn about options for dustless sanding, the cost to refinish hardwood floors, and more by collaborating with flooring companies in Cape Cod. Reach out to local professionals to learn about your options for refinishing and repairs.

    Restore and Refinish – Don’t Replace

    All too often, people believe that they need to completely replace flooring that is damaged or in disrepair. Many new homeowners, in particular, see damaged hardwood flooring and believe that there's no way to revive it. Through professional restoration and hardwood flooring refinishing services, it's possible to bring a damaged, warped, scratched, or faded hardwood floor back to its former glory.

    Wood Floor Sanding and Staining Cape Cod

    Sanding and staining are vital parts of the refinishing process. First, our team of skilled flooring contractors will have to sand the surface to rough up or completely eliminate the existing polyurethane finish. Next, the team will work together to identify the staining and match it if there are areas where the staining has faded or worn through. Afterward, our team would stain areas that needed it or update the stain to your preference. Finally, we add polyurethane to seal and protect your hardwood floors.

    Our Process

    Wood floor refinishing largely calls upon professionals to properly prepare for the procedure. They need to closely inspect the floor and clean it. During that inspection and cleaning process, they'll look for deep scratches, and they'll rough up any existing finish, so the new finish has something to adhere to. It's likely that the sanding process will last for a full day, and the prep work may take a day or longer.

    To learn more about our process and the cost to refinish hardwood floors, you can contact Flooring Experts Cape Cod directly. By calling our office or filling in the form on our Get A Quote Page, you can get a free estimate and find out more about what to expect during refinishing. Get more information today.