Dustless Floor Sanding Cape Cod MA

When refinishing, installing, repairing, or restoring hardwood flooring, dust is a serious problem. Sanding the wood is almost always necessary, and it creates quite a mess. Dust that comes from the sanding process can pose serious health risks and can appear for months or even years throughout the house. As professionals sand and buff their work area, it sends wood dust into the air. Manual cleaning can only pick up so much of this dust. The dust itself, however, is much more than a cleaning nuisance. It's possible that hardwood dust can lead to consistent skin and eye irritation, impact lung function, result in asthma, and may be linked to nasal cancer and allergies. Although these are the risks that woodworkers and flooring contractors handle regularly, it is not a risk they want to expose to any household. The solution is dustless floor sanding.

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    Benefits of Dustless Floor Sanding

    Dustless floor sanding will pick up about 99% of the dust which occurs during the sanding process. The equipment fulfills the sanding function and uses an advanced system that goes far beyond simple vacuuming. The biggest issue, of course, is the negative elements of the wood dust, meaning it is a top priority to ensure that the dust doesn't enter the air at all.

    In addition, to reduce potentially toxic wood dust into the air, dustless floor sanding also reduces the chances that something will go wrong during refinishing. Dust is responsible for most of the issues that come up during the finishing steps. It can even reduce the time that the team spends in your home. Dustless floor sanding typically requires less time from the crew and allows them to confidently move onto the next stage of installation or refinishing.

    For homeowners, there should not be any need to hire a professional cleaning service to come in after the crew either. Homeowners may also have unexpected or additional options during refinishing. A homeowner might have the opportunity to change their stain color through dustless floor sanding if they were considering using a sandless refinishing option instead. Ultimately, dustless flooring provides a safer working environment, home environment, and a wider variety of options.

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    Dustless floor sanding can offer ideal conditions and at reasonable costs. Through traditional services, a homeowner may have had to pay for additional cleaning services to handle the dust in their home. Get your free quote today with Flooring Experts Cape Cod.


    Dustless Sanding Services for Hardwood Floors Cape Cod MA

    Bring in the best dustless sanding service in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Flooring Experts Cape Cod specializes in refinishing hardwood floors, and an important part of that process is sanding. We support the choices and safety that dustless sanding services provide. Our team has undergone training to properly handle dustless sanding equipment in addition to being fully insured. Complete the Flooring Experts Cape Cod quote form today to learn more about the pricing for refinishing and dustless sanding services.

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