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They worked efficiently so that my family could move into our new home right before the holidays. The quality of work was exceptional. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to refinish their floors!

Emily T.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cape Cod MA

For all your hardwood flooring needs across Cape Cod, call our floor refinishing and installation company for our exceptional level of service, quality and pricing!

Hardwood flooring is a luxurious addition to any home, but it does present certain demands in terms of maintenance and, in some cases, repair. Throughout Cape Cod, many homes have hardwood flooring, and they may need refinishing every ten or so years. After 20 years, some hardwood floors will really show their age with dullness and scratching and may require more extensive repair than standard hardwood maintenance.

For homeowners in Cape Cod, they can rest easy knowing that our Flooring Experts on Cape Cod has a team of skilled flooring experts to handle all of their hardwood needs. Our team readily takes on full hardwood floor installation, floor refinishing, restoration, and more. Our team proudly serves the Cape Cod area as a locally-owned and operated resource for all hardwood flooring services.

Floor Refinishing Company Cape Cod MA

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Ours is a full-service floor refinishing company. We use well-performing and well-maintained equipment, plus time tested methods to ensure that our team works with efficiency while producing the highest quality possible. When it comes to refinishing, our team will fully evaluate the area and identify scratches and areas requiring extra attention. 

Then we'll bring in our dustless sanding equipment and ensure that we're creating the safest environment possible. After completing the deathless sanding process, we will revisit the staining and finish the floor to go through regular use for many years without additional maintenance.

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Dustless Floor Sanding Cape Cod

Many people are not aware of the toxins hiding in hardwood flooring. These toxins are not an issue until you begin sanding into the material. During the sanding process, wood dust will get into the air and throughout the home. That wood dust can come with a myriad of negative side effects, but Flooring Experts Cape Cod and many flooring experts have chosen to use dustless sanding options to reduce or remove that risk.

Our floor refinishing company on Cape Cod provides dustless sanding services to prevent about 99% of wood dust from ever entering the air in the home. The sales floor standing is the top choice for sanding services when it comes to refinishing hardwood floors. Our team recommends it to every homeowner who enlists our refinishing, restoration, or repair services. If we know that we're going to be standing in your home, we want to ensure that it's as safe as possible.

Hardwood Floor Installation Cape Cod

Hardwood floor installation is a task that requires a complete team of people with a particular skillset. Our team of Floor refinishers has years of training in handling materials, working with precision, and keeping a keen eye for detail. Our team specializes in helping homeowners find the right materials and installation options for their homes.

With homes in the Cape, it's possible that the house itself cannot take a hardwood floor installation. When the joints are already under stress, or in some cases, if floating over a concrete subflooring isn't reasonable, then the homeowner may need to explore other options such as vinyl planks or engineered hardwood.

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Flooring Experts Cape Cod works with methods that have proven successful time and time again. We always measure accurately before working in the space or cutting the floorings. We closely evaluate the subflooring, and then we get started. Our first step is to put down a strip of vapor barrier paper and work with humidity and the seasonal elements of the Cape in mind. In the Cape Cod region, there is particular concern over weather changes throughout the year, and a professional installation will ensure the hardwood flooring is an excellent addition to the home, no matter the season or humidity level.When laying the boards, we take great care to create a visually stunning installation. Our goal is to provide a complete installation of beautiful hardwood flooring. During the installation process, we strive to keep a grit and dust-free environment.

The cost of hardwood flooring installation will vary dramatically depending on the materials you find appealing and the area to cover. Flooring Experts Cape Cod takes great pride in helping homeowners obtain accurate and detailed estimates. Get your free quote today by calling our office and discussing your hardwood installation options.

Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing Services Cape Cod

All finishing and refinishing services require that the contractors conduct some floor sanding. Hardwood floor sanding can present unique issues both with the project and for the health of those present. Using advanced sanding equipment, the wood dust does not travel, and the home is much cleaner for it. As a result of using this equipment, Flooring Experts Cape Cod can provide a cleaner, faster, and safer wood refinishing or installation service. 

During the refinishing process, sanding is vital. It allows the flooring contractors to handle the floor with greater impact. It's possible for homeowners to consider additional updates or changes to the flooring, such as updating, renewing, or changing the stain. Floor sanding is a delicate but necessary process for finishing services. As part of the finishing steps, our team will thoroughly clean between each coat of stain and sealant to ensure that any present wood dust does not disturb the finishing.

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Signs Your Floors Need to be Refinished

Hardwood floors always have a protective polyurethane finish. When that finished begins to wear, or when they've experienced some standard damage such as scratches, it's time to schedule a refinishing. The most common finds that a hardwood floor needs refinishing include scratches, discoloration, or fading. These key indicators happen with type. Hardwood floors are susceptible to scratches, and if you have pets or children, it's likely that you may have many small scratches that are easily repairable through refinishing.

If you are noticing dents or scratches, it's best to take action sooner rather than later. Fading and discoloration Happen over time, and you may not notice until it seems like a real problem. Your floor will eventually fade regardless of how much maintenance or regular cleaning you conduct. Hardwood floors are susceptible to discoloration from both sunlight and water exposure. Something as simple as leaving a window open for a long period of time can discolor a square or streak across the floor.

Finally, water damage is a serious sign that your floors need refinishing. When water soaks into hardwood, it has broken through the protective finish. You may notice water damage from light-colored spots, discoloration, or serious damage through warping.

These are the primary signs that a hardwood floor needs refinishing, but there are signs that a hardwood floor may need additional repair or extensive restoration. If some boards have turned black or are extremely dark, then it's likely that they need more than a mild refinishing service. If the flooring contractors identified deep gouges or scratches that go far beyond the surface layer, it's likely that they would suggest restoration or partial repair in addition to refinishing.

It's extremely important to talk about the type of damage and damage signs you're seeing with local hardwood flooring contractors. When looking for hardwood refinishing, you can discuss with a local flooring company the extent of the wear or damage. Many flooring companies, including Flooring Experts Cape Cod, help homeowners and determine which services are right for their home based on the degree of wear on the floor.

Types of Floors That Can be Refinished

dustless floor sanding cape cod

Nearly all types of wood-based flooring can undergo refinishing. However, there are some nuanced elements that come with determining if your type of flooring can be refinished. All solid hardwood floors need a polyurethane finish, which means that they are available for refinishing. This includes Oak flooring, cherry, Maple, and many exotic species as well.

What becomes challenging is when the flooring is not traditional or solid hardwood. Many homes through the Cape Cod region have engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring uses a combination of plywood and solid wood. The layer of solid wood over the plywood does allow flooring contractors to refinish the surface. On the other hand, contractors cannot refinish vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring is not solid hardwood, and it does not have a top layer of true wood that can hold up through the refinishing process.

Flooring Contractors Cape Cod MA

When looking for flooring contractors near me, consider Flooring Experts Cape Cod first. Our team of expert flooring contractors has years of experience in handling some of the most difficult to handle flooring materials on the market. Hardwood flooring is notoriously challenging to work with, and our team handles it every day.

We support homeowners who want to install hardwood floors and help them understand what materials are available. Some houses may not be a great fit for hardwood flooring, and they may need to evaluate other types of flooring instead. Our team at Flooring Experts Cape Cod is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service, and that means helping you find the right flooring contractor and the right flooring materials for your home.


We had hardwood installed in our living room, abutting existing hardwood in our dining room. They did a fantastic job installing the new flooring, sanding the existing flooring and matching everything precisely.

Karen S.

Incredibly responsive and professional throughout my entire experience. We had all our floors sanded and stained and it couldn't have come out better!

Steve L.

We had our hardwood floors refinished and we LOVE the result. The guys were punctual and cleaned up as they worked. They were extremely patient when I couldn’t decide on a finish/color.


Best Hardwood Flooring Services Cape Cod           

  • Refinishing Is our specialty. Hardwood floors need regular refinishing on a 7 to 10-year schedule. Over the course of about a decade, hardwood floors will begin to show the wear of everyday use, including wearing through the polyurethane finish. High foot traffic areas may show some discoloration or fading, and you may notice scratches or dents in the flooring. These are vital signs that you need a refinishing flooring service.
  • Sanding Is a service that goes hand in hand with hardwood floor maintenance and repair. Even standard maintenance services such as refinishing hardwood require that our team sand down through the existing polyurethane finish. As part of that process, wood dust can enter the air. Sanding is often a cleaning disaster as wood dust can get everywhere. The primary concern, however, isn't cleaning. It's the toxins that can become present through wood dust. At Flooring Experts Cape Cod, we've taken measures to provide a dustless sanding service to minimize wood dust in the air below 1%.
  • Restoration is one of our frequently requested services. We support homeowners that want to revive their hardwood flooring. Homeowners are usually surprised to find that it is possible and often more economical to restore hardwood flooring than it is to replace it. Flooring Experts Cape Cod provides full and partial restoration and repair services. Our team of skilled contractors works diligently to match wood and stains so that no one would ever guess you've repaired or restored your flooring!
  • Repairs are possible, and they are typically among the common benefits of having hardwood floors. Unlike other flooring options that are costly, a hardwood floor can fall into skilled hands for simple repairs or extreme repairs such as closing holes and handling water damage. Flooring Experts Cape Cod handles repairs on a regular basis and are happy to provide free estimates on the repair work before our team gets started.
  • Installation services for hardwood flooring is a way for homeowners to improve the value of their home and change the interior visual appeal. Many people love the look of hardwood flooring, and Flooring Experts Cape Cod can make that a reality in your home. Our installation services always begin with a consultation to ensure that we can provide accurate information on the materials that would fit best in your home.

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors – Get a Free Quote!

The cost to refinish hardwood floors varies mostly based on the room size. Many homes in Cape Cod have multiple rooms with hardwood flooring, or may have it through most of the house. With that in mind, it's important that homeowners have the opportunity to speak with professionals about the cost to refinish their floors. You can do this now by contacting our Flooring refinishing Experts for your Cape Cod home through our quote form or by calling our office. Our staff will happily take you through the process of refinishing, restoration, repairs, or a full installation and help you better understand the costs associated with these services. Get your quote today by reaching out now.

Areas We Service

We provide the best hardwood floor services on Cape Cod including: Bourne, Pocasset, Hyannis, Barnstable, Centerville, Osterville, Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster, Provincetown, Orleans, Sandwich, Mashpee, Marstons Mills, Chatham, Wellfleet, Truro, Falmouth, Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and more.

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors On Cape Cod?

The cost to refinish hardwood floors on Cape Cod varies based on the scope of work. Our contractors offer free quotes where we look at what needs to be done. We consider several factors when determining the price. Hardwood floor refinishing entails sanding, staining, and then coating with polyurethane. The total square footage is one factor we look at when estimating costs. Larger wood floor refinishing jobs use more materials and take longer to complete. We can renovate one room or several depending on your needs. Sanding also plays a role in the cost and our company offers dustless or manual services. Our hardwood flooring contractors can also perform sandless refinishing. This process involves only screening and recoating your Cape Cod home’s floors.

We also factor in the condition and thickness of the hardwood flooring in your residence. Extensive damage takes longer to repair during the refinishing service. Floor sanding removes old coats of polyurethane and prepares the job for staining. During the estimate, our hardwood flooring contractors evaluate the room’s layout. Corners, edges, and molding may have unique shapes that require more detail. The type of flooring in your Cape Cod home also matters. Solid hardwoods, engineered, and softwoods require different handling when refinishing. Depending on the wear layers, floor sanding grits vary. Some woods need lighter buffing compared to others. Dustless sanding is a service we offer that takes us less time to finish and is cleaner. Our hardwood flooring contractors use equipment to remove the sawdust out of the air. Vinyl plank and laminate materials can’t be refinished and need to be replaced. In these scenarios, we offer wood floor installation. 

The type of finish and stain also factors into the cost of hardwood floor refinishing. Our contractors will go over the options with you. Polyurethane is either water or oil-based and is available in a matte, satin, semi, or high gloss. A water-based finish wears down faster, whereas oil bases provide durability. You can keep or change the color of the stain with hardwood floor refinishing. The brands and materials you choose vary in price, influencing the cost. Cape Cod Flooring Experts provides free estimates to the region. Our contractors will discuss the refinishing project in detail with you.

You can schedule your free quote today by calling or filling out the form. Our contractors will evaluate the project for your Cape Cod property. Then, we can give you a better idea of how much it will cost to refinish hardwood floors.

Types of Floors That Can Be Refinished

There are many varieties of wood flooring in properties across the Cape Cod region. Traditional hardwoods are recommended to be refinished every 7-10 years. These species include oak, maple, cherry, walnut, ash, mahogany, and hickory. You can choose a colored stain or opt to keep the natural look. Bamboo, although a plant, is considered hardwood and is growing in popularity. It’s recommended to refinish this eco-friendly wood flooring no more than four times. Mangaris and ipe are exotic hardwoods that can handle floor sanding and staining. We may recommend not using a sealant or a protectant different from polyurethane. Engineered or composite wood flooring is typical in Cape Cod homes and can be refinished. We need to evaluate the density and condition to determine the scope of work. Our hardwood flooring contractors can’t refinish vinyl planks or laminate. These materials need to be replaced due to their inability to be refinished. 

Softwoods vary in their ability to be refinished and sanded. Redwoods and spruce can take a light floor sanding, starting with a low grit. These two softwoods can be stained and have applications of polyurethane. You can preserve the natural beauty of redwood flooring with a semi-transparent stain. Redwoods are incredibly durable and require little maintenance. Spruce needs more frequent refinishing because it’s easily susceptible to scratches. Pine is a popular wood that can be sanded and restored. Our contractors need to evaluate the thickness and softness for refinishing. Stain and polyurethane can be applied to pine. Regular maintenance varies based on the wood flooring’s condition. Douglas fir, juniper, and cedar can all handle gentle floor sanding. These softwoods can be stained and coated with polyurethane. Busier households should have these wood floors refinished every 5-8 years.